Core Foundations 10 Week Course

A 45 minute low impact class focusing on building and strengthening the core muscles; abs, back, glutes, and hips.


Next group courses will start on: 

Wednesday 21 February 2018 - 6.30pm at Castlemaine Fitness
Friday 23 February 2018 - 9.30am at Lifecycle Gym in Chewton

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So many people haven't ever been taught how to properly activate the core muscles and get the right muscles doing their job.

At times, discomfort can happen when some muscles are compensating for weaker ones.

A common misconception is that the 'core' is your abdominal muscles and doing crunches or sit ups will give you a 'strong core'.

In fact, the 'core' is much more than that, including the 'abs', diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, glutes (your butt!) and the muscles of the back. 

Imagine your 'core'cylinder is an upright cylinder. 

To support you optimally, it needs to be equally as strong at the top and bottom as it does the front and back.

We'll go right back to basics and learn how to feel when you've 'turned on' your muscles (abs, glutes, etc), and how to make them work together to create strength and stability, allowing much easier movement and less discomfort.

I'll show you little exercises you can do every day, no matter where you are, or what you're doing, and nobody will even know!

This program is limited to 8 clients at a time to ensure everyone gets the right amount of attention and great results.

If you're thinking about signing up, don't think too long, just do it and guarantee your place.


A 45 minute low impact class focusing on building and strengthening the core muscles; abs, back, glutes, and hips.

The aim is to learn how to activate the muscles you want, when you want, create stability, ease of movement and build a strong foundation for your body.

What it's not:

✔ a quick fix solution,

✔ a weight loss program,

✔ a promise to rid you of all your aches and pains.


You could:

✔ sleep better,

✔ move better,

✔ reduce hip tightness,

✔ reduce lower back pain,

✔ perform daily tasks and other physical activities with more ease and comfort.  


Ideal for:

✔ anyone new or returning to exercise,

✔ post natal women,

✔ women who have pelvic floor or hip related issues during high impact exercise,

✔ assisting to reduce the likelihood of pain or injury during regular exercise,

✔ men or women who want to build core strength to aid technique in general fitness training,

✔ as a low impact enhancement to other exercise or sports regimes.  



Select a Day and Time


TERMS: This is a 10 week progressive course, with no casual bookings available.

Each client will receive worksheets at the start of each session, for review and practice between sessions.

Payment must be made in full, in advance and there are no refunds for missed sessions. 

Once your initial payment has been processed, you'll be sent your welcome email with:

  • enrollment and health check forms, 
  • standard cancellation policy.