Client Start Up Forms

Please click the links to open and download the forms below and return them to me prior to your first session. You may scan and email them to me (, or you're welcome to bring them with you to your first session. The most important thing is that you let me know in advance of any injuries or illness you may have, or medications you're taking, that may affect your ability to exercise in some way, so we can adjust your training accordingly.

Regarding payments, all classes are pre-paid and you can choose to pay via credit card, bank transfer, cash in advance, or the PayPal buttons on the timetable or group fitness pages on my website.

Please bring a towel, and water bottle to all classes. If you have an exercise mat, bring that along, too. You'll need to wear comfortable clothes you can move in freely, and good shoes designed for exercise. Most importantly, bring enthusiasm! 🙂

5 Minute Fitness - Client Personal and Medical Info

Group Training Class and Package Descriptions

5 Minute Fitness - Group Class Credit Card or Bank Transfer Form

5 Minute Fitness - Standard Direct Debit Form

5 Minute Fitness 2016 Cancellation Policy

Hints and Tips


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